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Arrested Development Universe

> Arrested Development by MavCat Productions
Elliot Stabler always saw himself as a family man and a good detective. Lately, though, all his beliefs seem to have been illusions, and hope is a thing of yesterday. | Years ago, Tobias Beecher made a mistake, and a killer got away. He's prayed that someday he'll catch the predator that haunts his dreams . | To stop a child killer, Beecher and Stabler will have to find a way to battle their demons and work together.

> Clemency by Maverick
This story takes place two and half years after the events in Arrested Development; therefore, it does contain spoilers for the as yet unfinished main story.

> Going Down by Maverick
I finally took the AD boys off the ice they've been sitting on for months. They were a little cranky. The only way they would put out was if I let them *put out*. I tried to explain that they were chapters away from that in the story, and this was their solution to that little problem.

> Modus Operandi by Maverick
This is sort of the AD answer to the SVU episode where Elliot pumps Kathy for confidential information someone had shared with her and then he goes and uses it in an investigation. Kathy isn't pleased that he played her and someone, I can't remember who, made the comment that I wonder what would happen if Elliot did something like that to Toby in the Arrested Development Universe. So this is an answer to that.

Forgive and Forget
Prequel to Line of Fire.

Set during Season Three's Secret Identities. Written for the Oz Magi.

Line of Fire
Missing scene fic which takes a look at the moment when Chris got shot, and Toby pulled him into their pod.

Shirley Bellinger/Chris Keller with overtones of Beecher/Keller. Everyone knows it takes two to tango. Written for the Oz Magi.

Vern Got Run Over by a Reindeer
Did Santa make an early visit to Oz and knock out Vern, or is someone else responsible?


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